Sunday, May 27, 2007

XMPP Catchup

Quite a few things have happened in my XMPP world since my last post. My server losing it's drive caused me to accomplish next to nothing for about 2 weeks+. I still have not reached my goals with 0.1 for SleekXMPP, but I'm mostly missing just a few bug fixes and some testing. However, work on SleekBot has begun! Its a framework for people to build any type of bot, and will include a hopefully quite complete set of bot plugins. For example, remember Edgar? Edgar will be brought back to life as a Sleekbot plugin as will many other bots out there.

Sleekbot, along with SleekXMPP, now has Ad Hoc Command support.

Ad Hoc is a major feature for Sleekbot, because it will allow complete administration of the bot from an XMPP client. For example:
  • controlling admin lists
  • dynamically loading plugins
  • bot roster management
  • plugin specific configuration

  • I would love to include community contributed plugins and plugin ideas. Eventually I will want to make a Sleekbot community page. Feel free to check out and play with the code at svn://

    In another news, I was accepted as an XMPP member this quarter, which I am very excited about!


    Unknown said...

    Maybe you should chceck our version of neutron based on xmppy. (svn://

    I'll give a try to sleekXmpp, because xmppy is full of bugs and it's hard to maintain. It looks promising.

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