Monday, March 26, 2007

Moving to Blogger

When I first started a blog, I wrote my own from scratch. That was fun for me at the time, but it became a pain as I was constantly having to add features to the software to keep up with the blogging features that others had available. Next I tried using Wordpress, which was great for awhile. But soon I started to get a lot of comment spam. I was also having to update regularly to deal with new and exciting security vulnerabilities. I was spending more time dealing with this crap than blogging, so I've moved to Blogger. They can administrate, add features, and deal with comment spam, and I don't have to mess with that at all. I can simply concentrate on blogging. It's about time that I started doing that. This blog will not be about family events, you can find that elsewhere. This is all about my hobby shenanigans, which largely involves programming, running a business, and regular geek crap. Enjoy.