Thursday, April 5, 2007

SleekXMPP 0.1 Plans

See my previous post if you don't know what SleekXMPP is.

Well, before my first release, there are a handful of things to do:

1. I'm really not happy with how stream:features works in my lib; it's messy.
2. Possibly add post-send handlers.
3. Write a data-forms (XEP-0004) plugin.
4. Stabilize the API so that it doesn't keep changing on developers.

I should be able to take care of that this weekend so that I can start on the bot framework. The bot framework will be all about configuration. You'll be able to register chat commands, command help, command context. And then, of course, comes the events, and MUC support. After all of that, I will begin developing a bot plugin system (separate from the protocol plugins) for drop in and configurable Edgar, Thinkbot, RSS feed readers, voting bots, etc. People will be able to drop in as many plugins as they want and configure them how they want. Ideally this will be doable by non-programmers.

Several people have asked me about licensing of SleekXMPP. To answer the question, 0.1 will likely be GPL. I'm sorry, but that's the way it is as I don't have enough time to research licenses between now and then. 0.2 will likely be a much less restrictive license, and hopefully everyone is happy with it. Current candidates are MIT, BSD, and Apache.

In other news, I applied for XSF membership today. I'll know on the 15th (Tax Day) whether I'm in or not.


matienzo said...

Hi Nathan, i'm Francisco Boato i'll soon start to develop a jabber client on python. I don't know too much about licenses but i has a doubt about what you are trying to do (start with a GPL and then make it less restrictive). My doubt is this: If your first realese is under GPL, are you sure that you can then change it to a lesser restrictive one (like LGPL or BSD or so on)??????
In the few next days i'll be contacting you to ask about a few things about your library, so see you soon Fritzy the Great!!!!!

Fritzy said...

Since I own the copyright, I can continue to release under whatever license I want, regardless of the previous license. I can even sell commercial licenses, but I have to make sure that I only include files that I have copyright on.

test said...

Not to continue to stump for alternate licensing, but something like BSD is favorable for many of us who look at libraries to use for internal products.

I work for a company that would be interested in using a jabber bot to ease the process of starting and stopping VMWare build servers. Though due to the terms of the companies funding deal, no GPL or LGPL code can be used.

Again, this would be an internal tool, something that is akin to an ANT automated build. Yet, we still could not use it.

I hope to see something like MIT or BSD. Irrespective of that, thank you for developing an innovative approach to dealing XMPP and Python

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